Julia Blueberry is a photo artist from Russia, whose works reflect the truth, beauty, music and poetry of this world. She shows fairy tale motives, interweavings, moments that seem to freeze, but at the same time live forever.

“Most of the time my photographs are messages, magical stories about Women, who are amazing and beautiful in their own way. Our society is now mired in an impenetrable whirlpool of pseudo-standards and stereotypes. An infinite number of unnecessary labels in every possible way makes us loose our uniqueness, aspiration to be ourselves. Therefore, as my goal, I see the disclosure of the incredible strength and beauty of Each woman, not only those whom I see in my viewfinder.

Also, in my shots, I very often try to catch that deep connection between the Human and Nature, sometimes comparing women with natural phenomena, often plunging into mythology, fairy tales, epics.
I imagine that a humankind would return to its' primary sources, to The Cradle of Life, and find himself on one with Nature, on a par, at the level of deep matters, naked and defenseless, I think, perhaps then we would learn to live forever.

Each of my work is a road to myself, a part of my soul, and at the same time is a constant struggle against stagnation, the transformation of the strongest feelings in art, whether it is unbearable pain or the most sincere love.

I see myself as a beacon, strong as the light of a thousand Suns, that illuminates the path for those who really need guidance, in order to find the courage to be who the Universe intended them to be.